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3S Tricolor: Mood-changing Light Series

Mai Quoc Quynh

Working from home has become more than a trend. Hard-working people always try to find the best way to accommodate a creative and inspiring working environment in their homes. Such choice for SOHO – Small Office Home Office living requires a space design with multi-functional elements. Lighting is no exception.

3s Tricolor light series has blurred the line between Living and Working for SOHO residents. By enabling switching among 3 colors Daylight, Cool white, Warm white; homeowners can exploit different functions of a single space: Daylight for working hours, Cool white for eye-comfort and Warm white for chilling and relaxing.

When color temperature is easily changed according to space usages, working space can become living space, and living space can become one that reflects your personality. The dynamics helps single space achieve much broader and better inner unity. Tricolor LED light is designed to exploit the possibilities of multi-functional design to its fullest. It breaks the limitation of space division and combines different light switches into one.

Tricolor Mood

3S Tricolor Series can switch among 3 Color Temperatures (CW-WW-DL) for different space usages

Leveraging from LED Lighting Technology, 3S Tricolor series enjoy low wattage, durability and high color rending index. The switching function is applicable on ANY regular switch, meaning Tricolor lights can easily be installed or replaced traditional lights. The series covers most of all residential lighting applications including:

LED TriColorLED tricolor bulbs and down lights are used as Pinlights in multifunctional design. Assisting architectural purposes, we offer LED Tricolor T5 as the best option for Cove-lighting and LED Tricolor Surface-mounted ceiling light as a highlight in interior lighting décor.

Think about the redundancy of a single color ambiance which does not allow your space to work to its fullest capabilities. If your working corner is just a step away from your meditation and relaxing zone, the traditional LED lighting application is no longer your best option.

Hi-Green will provide full product specifications for the best applications to your projects. The whole series can be utilized for different lighting designs and purposes.



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