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LED Solar Inground Light HJ-88605


LED Solar Inground Light HJ-88605
30 Lumens, Warm White -  50,000 burning hours
Li-on Battery 3.7V 2000mAh Lithium- 1000 Cycles
Solar Panel 1W 5.5V- 5 yrs lifetime
Waterproof IP 68
Solar Charging Time 11 hours by bright sunlight
Lighting Time Over 4 nights
Material Stainless Steel + Aluminum
Size Φ 170x55mm
Work Temperature  -25˚C to 65˚C
  • 100% solar powered, wireless connection
  • Integrated Solar panel
  • Interaction function to make the light between white color and blue color
  • IP68 Waterproof
  • Surface Load Capacity: 1000Kg
Lighting Mode
  • First 5 hours white color light, when something pass by above the lamp (distance 0~50CM), it will turn to blue color for 10 second.
  • After the first 5 hours, the interaction function will turn off automatically, the lamp keep white color.
  • After 10 hours lighting, the lamp will be off automatically