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Tune Hotels


Customer benefits:

  • High color rending index CRI LED
  • Long lamp life which considerably reduces maintenance work
  • Less heat emission which is safe and saves up on air-conditioning
  • Estimated energy saving up to 78%

TUNE HOTELS GROUP is an international limited service hotel chain that operates in UK, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, Japan, India and the Philippines.

TUNE HOTELS were trying to find somebody who could help them move forward with the distinguished look and be able to supply lighting fixtures on time and at the right volumes. HIGREEN LEDs gave them a hand and did not fail to meet the expectations.
Red color characterizes TUNE HOTELS brand image. The color makes it difficult for conventional lamps to express. With good level of color redition, HIGREEN LED Downlight and LED Bulb stay true to the characterized color and creates a desirable look for TUNE HOTELS.

There are more than 155 indoor luminaires altogether at one TUNE HOTEL Branch. The replacing LED lighting units are 5W which slashed out 14W CFL luminares. Cost calculations show that the indoor LED luminaires bring substantial savings of Php70,308 per year.

The experiences from the new LED technology with TUNE HOTELS have been very positive. They get the same amount of light with much smaller energy use. Also the light distribution is very successful. The installation of the LED lighting units went without any problems.