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Robin Co, Ltd.



Customer benefits:

  • LED luminaires can be installed easily to replace old lighting system
  • With the correct optical choices, a good lighting system for highest productivity can be achieved
  • LED lighting is excellent for long term cost savings in production line
  • The long lifespan of the HIGREEN luminaires reduces maintenance work

ROBIN CO,LTD is the leading promotions, food packaging and sourcing supplier in Asia with over 21 years of experience in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) and Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industries.
Recognizing the superior benefits of LEDs, ROBIN has entrusted HIGREEN in the installation of LED tubes in their entire warehouse and production line.

HIGREEN offers a variety of solutions to the lighting of industrial estates and halls. As an example, the T8 18W LED fixture is an excellent replacement choice for old energy-wasting CFL straight lamps. HIGREEN LED luminaires have a very long lifespan and maintenance free. These qualities become crucial if the luminaires are situated in places that are difficult to reach, or if production must be halted due to lamp changes.

No more work lift!

ROBIN Electrical Engineer says that the earlier tubes needed renewal numerous times. This cost money and time, because of the height of the ceiling. A work lift was needed every time to lift the maintenance person to change the straight lamps. Old fluorescent tubes also consumed a lot of electricity, which was not in line with the objective of ROBIN to decrease energy consumption.

After a solely 2-month time, ROBIN witnessed a major cut in their energy bill. Fast return on investment and evident cost savings indicated the project's success for ROBIN CO., LTD.