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Pizza Hut


Customer benefits

  • The design and the bodies of the old luminaires were preserved.
  • Energy efficiency improved by 65% when HIGREEN LED units are replaced the old CFL components.
  • Improved the environmental image of the client: energy efficiency and prolonged lifespan of the luminaires
  • Fast and easy installation – it required the same amount of work to replace the entire technical structure as changing the lamp.

HIGREEN PHILIPPINES takes pride in supplying PIZZA HUT with our LED Lighting product. The strategic partnership has been going on with deliveries of high quality products and excellent customer service.

The interior lighting of Pizza Hut after LED replacement is a good example of atmospheric lighting in food chains. LEDs turn Pizza Hut into a pleasant place to share the moment in with friends and family. With high color rending index and even light distribution, our LEDs create visual comfort and great performance in color displays.

Energy cost saving as an advantage

HIGREEN LED not only gave them the power of attraction but also cut off their operating costs caused by lighting and air-conditioning. Compared to traditional lamps LEDs emit no UV or IR radiation; have a very low heat generation. They are shock proof, have a long lifetime as well as very low power consumption and contain no mercury.

The application of LED luminaires is a powerful move for Pizza Hut. As electricity cost in the Philippines is escalating, energy management has been a competitive advantage. Old and expensive lighting application, in a long run, is a factor that slows down the business.

For food chains and retail stores, HIGREEN offers a wide range of products from LED bulbs, candle bulb, tube lamps to recessed downlight, ceiling light, and panel light befitting to every interior lighting design.