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Customer benefits:

  • Overcome the limitations of CFLs: heat emission, high energy consumption, and short lamp life.
  • Less eyestrain for individuals in the visual space
  • With HIGREEN charity program, ICRC is making a contribution to people in needs, as a relevant statement to their nature.

INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE OF THE RED CROSS is a humanitarian institution based in Geneva, Switzerland and a three-time Nobel Prize Laureate.
The interior lighting of the ICRC office in Manila was renewed in 2014. Old CFL lamps were replaced by HIGREEN LED 5W & 7W Bulbs, LED MR16 and LED T8 Tubes.

The light efficiency of the old lamps was no longer satisfactory to ICRC. They chose LEDs also because the products produce plenty of light with rather modest energy consumption. LED energy efficiency is their first solution to the escalating electricity rate of the Philippines.

Lighting positively enhanced productivity
In office work environments, productivity and efficiency are high-priority goals, and lighting design solutions are expected to support them. More specifically, visual tasks should be easy and comfortable to perform. HIGREEN LEDs effectively minimize shadows and eliminate glare to provide enhanced visual comfort for ICRC’s employees.

‘No more dimming and flickering like the old CFLs’- ICRC expressed.