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Dairy Queen


Dairy Queen

Customer benefits:

  • Lifecycle cost-efficiency: energy efficiency, long lifespan, low need for maintenance
  • Pleasant and befitting white light

The world’s number one ice cream chain is now in the Philippines, offering the same recipe for sweet global success.
DAIRY QUEEN currently operates 69 outlets in Metro Manila. The company has been interested in implementing LED technology into the illuminating their stores in the recent years for its efficiency and efficacy.

Dozens of ice-cream lovers are now enjoying bright and sustainable LED lighting of DAIRY QUEEN Stores. The new luminaires, delivered by HIGREEN, have replaced the old CFL lamps that in the past caused unwanted heat and other hazardous chemicals which potentially affected food process.

Minimum efforts, maximum effects

The installation was quite effortless. The amount of light has increased 4-8 times, thanks to the LEDs. The change in DAIRY QUEEN lighting cannot be unnoticed by anybody. DAIRY QUEEN Stores need specific products such as COB LED Downlight, LED spot light, and LED ceiling light which create comfortable lighting conditions that are suitable for commercial space, at the same time withstanding long hours of operation.

In addition to light and energy efficiency, there are other good qualities in LED luminaires. Those include long lifespan, durability and low need for maintenance. The luminaires need replacing hardly ever. This saves a lot of time and effort. The old luminaires of the DAIRY QUEEN stores were replaced frequently.