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Columbia Tower


Customer benefits:

  • Affordable premium lighting system
  • Recorded energy savings and savings on maintenance
  • Effectively reduce glare and create visual comfort for office lighting

COLUMBIA TOWER, Ortigas is the main office of many top corporations. HIGREEN LED has not only helped the building create an atmosphere of well-being in those offices but used pioneering efficiency that keeps energy costs sustainably low. Our innovative lighting solutions offer maximum illumination output with minimum levels of energy consumption.

For office lighting indoor ceiling-mounted luminaires and indoor recessed luminaires are most commonly used. Differing needs demand the right lighting solution in each case. In rooms such as offices, for example, visual acuity and visual comfort are important, whereas safety has maximum priority in entrance areas and hallways. The refurbishment of lighting for the building has positive impacts on every aspect. LEDs effectively reduce glare which obstruct office work and create a positive, motivating indoor light atmosphere. They are also heat free and pull off maintenance work from the building operator.