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Burgundy Corporate Tower

Customer benefits:

  • Minimal need for maintenance
  • Stable light source in an energy efficient manner
  • Pleasant color rendering with availability of various color temperatures
  • Replaces old mercury luminaires
  • No disturbances or reactive effects into the electrical grid

Lighting system of BURGUNDY CORPORATE TOWER, Makati, was fully modernized in 2013. The project was exceptional because the casing, the look of luminaires and lighting infrastructure of the building have been preserved for 10 years.

You can use lighting to highlight many an object, but you cannot disrupt a harmonious entity. Lighting and luminaires must also be in line with their environment. Simple, elegant HIGREEN Downlight, Cove lighting T5 and LED T8 tubes suit their corporate environment perfectly. High-quality HIGREEN LED offers even light distribution. Light is spread across a sufficiently wide area, from both higher and lower heights. The luminaires were used to light facades and pathways. The color temperature of the light also meets the requirements of the site effectively.

The answer to cost problems

The need to renew office lighting system of Burgundy Corporate Tower has many reasons. One of them was the emphasis on the cost burden from electricity that the building abided. Yearly savings from LEDs are the most applicable compensation to other cost factors.

'The building also strives for environmentally friendly action. Implementing illumination with energy saving LED technology fits this mindset superbly'- BCT Administrator clarifies.