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Buddha Bar

Customer benefits

  • A tailor-made product according to the needs of the customer
  • Fast installation: utilized 220V mini adapter instead of the old and bulky converter
  • Lifecycle cost-efficiency: energy efficiency, long lifespan, minimal need for maintenance

First opened in Paris, France in 1996, BUDDHA BAR is a world class bar, lounge and restaurant chain located in major cities as Paris, Dubai, Monte Carlo, Keiv and now Manila. Located at Picar Place Kalayaan Avenue, Makai City, Buddha-Bar Manila is a 3 storey-establishment that can accommodate over 500 guests to its lounge, restaurant and roof deck.

A magnificent facade look was what BUDDHA BAR architect expected.
The answer was found in HIGREEN LED Striplight. The luminaire series elaborated BUDDHA BAR front design by highlighting the outer edge of each wall and window. As the switch was turned on after installation, the property came to life in the dark. The vivid visibility of the business was hard to ignore.
Foot traffic plays a significant role in service and retail sector; BUDHHA BAR gained much relief to have their traffic density secured by the superior facade look.

A lasting aesthetic solution

The luminaires needing replacement were situated at the outer side beam of the front area, at a very difficult location to reach. Their maintenance always required using lift cage, which would lower the maintenance person down to the luminaire. HIGREEN LED luminaires were chosen specifically for the reason that they are reliable and have long lifetime, which reduces the need for maintenance.

Indeed, LED strip and flex have very low power consumption, low maintenance, with a wide selection of color temperature options, from extra warm white to various colors.